Kiddancers’ 25 Day Little Dancer Challenge: Day 3: Favourite Dance Blog

peyton-heitz is one of my favs right now, and she’s Aussie too :)

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Kiddancers’ 25 Day Little Dancer Challenge: Day 2: 5 Favourite Dancers

  • Kaylee Quinn [10] from Dance Precisions
  • Brynn Rumfallo [11] from Club Dance Studio
  • Kalani Hilliker [13] from Club Dance Studio
  • Peyton Heitz [9] from Dance Precisions
  • Autumn Miller [12] from Mather Dance Company
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Club Dance - America’s Got Talent Routine

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Pudding Pop <3

(c) Rich Clark

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Reblog this with your favorite group dance from Mather Dance Company. (All dance seasons)


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SharkCookie : ChloeLukasiak33 made me do it! LOL

Wait he has good pointed feet

i think its so great that chloe made him do this and maddie made him do a tilt jump! soooo hilarious!

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I love my Addison Moffett @addykaylee 😍😍😍😍😍#dance

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Rihanna Quinn in ‘Outta the Park’

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